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Use WhatsApp on your computer

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WhatsApp Desktop is the desktop version of WhatsApp, one of the world's most popular instant messaging clients. Thanks to this client, you can easily read and write messages on your computer without checking your phone each time you get a notification.

To be able to start using WhatsApp Desktop, the first thing you have to do is sign in with your WhatsApp account, which is a quick and simple process that will only take a few seconds. You just need to use the WhatsApp app on your smartphone to scan the QR code on the computer screen. Once you complete this first step, you will have to wait a few moments for your conversations and groups to sync, and then you'll be ready to go.

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One of WhatsApp Desktop 's most important parts is that it offers the same features as the mobile version, but just on PC. This means you can continue any private conversation, send and receive photos, share audio, use GIFs and emojis, etc. In short, there isn't a noticeable difference in user experience between the Windows, Android, or iOS clients.

There isn't much difference either between the browser versions (called WhatsApp Web) and this client for Windows. The main difference is that this version works independently without needing a browser open. This can be pretty useful on computers with little RAM capacity, which tend to slow down when many open tabs.

WhatsApp Desktop is a very useful app for frequent WhatsApp users since it allows them to continue chatting with their friends as they sit comfortably in front of their computer instead of with a phone in hand. As mentioned above, the app offers all the usual WhatsApp features.

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Requirements (Latest version)

  • Requires Windows 8 or higher.

Frequent questions

What is WhatsApp Desktop?

WhatsApp Desktop is a version of WhatsApp Messenger for Windows. With this tool, you can chat with your contacts on your PC. The functions are the same as on Android, and the chats sync in real time.

How do I activate WhatsApp Desktop?

To activate WhatsApp Desktop, open the Android app and tap on the three dots. There, you'll find the option to link devices. After that, just scan the WhatsApp Desktop QR code.

How does WhatsApp Desktop work?

WhatsApp Desktop works exactly like the Android version. Both its appearance and its functions are the same in both versions. Just scan the Windows QR code to open it on your PC.

How do I activate notifications for WhatsApp Desktop on my screen?

To activate notifications for WhatsApp Desktop on your screen, open Menu > Settings. From there, tap Notifications to customize your alerts. Here, you can activate or deactivate silence, sounds, alerts, and message previews.

How do I get notifications for WhatsApp Desktop on my PC?

To get notifications for WhatsApp Desktop on your PC, open the settings, then go to notifications. There, you can check the message preview box or activate visual or sound alerts.

How can I download WhatsApp Desktop?

You can download WhatsApp Desktop from Uptodown in a really easy way. From here, you can download the latest available version or any of its previous versions for free.

Information about WhatsApp Desktop 2.2424.6.0

License Free
Op. System Windows
Category Chat/IRC
Language English
39 more
Author WhatsApp
Downloads 39,211,022
Date Jun 25, 2024
Content Rating Not specified
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

msixb 2.2423.10.0 Jun 19, 2024
msixb 2.2423.8.0 Jun 17, 2024
msixb 2.2422.7.0 Jun 11, 2024
msixb 2.2421.7.0 Jun 3, 2024
msixb 2.2419.11.0 May 20, 2024
msixb 2.2418.6.0 May 14, 2024
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600 reviews


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sillyyellowspider55296 icon
23 hours ago

very good

massivevioletpigeon44028 icon
5 days ago

This very useful

calmgreencat56874 icon
6 days ago

I need WhatsApp

slowpurpleblackberry63637 icon
6 days ago

Why can't WhatsApp Desktop be installed?

amazinggreycedar3855 icon
2 weeks ago

Someone tell me where the downloaded applications appear, they only appear in a file hahaha Yelp!

heavyorangemongoose55963 icon
3 weeks ago

I want to join to broaden my horizons

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